Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook

Book cover: 'Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook'
Cafi Cohen
Prima Publishing
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321 pages
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This book provides loads of information regarding homeschool admissions to college. Although not written specifically for Catholics, the author did solicit survey responses from Catholics (the webmaster was one of the respondents and has several quotes in the book under the pseudonym "Alexa") and there is a great deal of valuable information for any homeschoolers applying for college. It will be especially helpful for those beginning the admissions process with some trepidation and those wanting to attend colleges that are not especially known to be homeschool friendly.

Mrs. Cohen provides a great deal of advice (from herself as well as parents and homeschool graduates have successfully gone through the admissions process) on shopping for colleges, the diploma question, portfolios, transcripts, essays (an important aspect of admissions for homeschool applicants), letters of recommendation, testing, and a chapter on how homeschoolers are doing in college.

Although it is important to seek out information from a Catholic perspective as well (particularly with regards to choosing a good college), this book will be very useful to homeschoolers eagerly, but nervously seeking to apply to the college of their choice.

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