Book cover: 'Perelandra'
Clive Staples Lewis
Macmillan Pulblishing Co. Inc.
C.S. Lewis "Space Trilogy"
Number of pages: 
222 pages
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Perelandra is Venus. Ransom gets sent to Venus on a mission. Of course it takes him some time to get settled with the new surroundings again.
While Mars was an old and mostly ruined world Venus is brand new. The clouds hide a lush tropical paradise. And Ransom is to see to it that this world's "Eve", temporarily separated from her "Adam" for this adventure, is kept from the fall. There is no guarantee. In fact, Ransom bears the same, human, form as the tempter - none other than Weston. But he is more often called the Tempter and the Un-man. He is, like the serpant from Eden, a possessed thing.
Lewis explores original sin AND original good. Having read this in seventh grade, this was the first book that really made me think about the latter a lot. It is a fascinating 'world' to explore. There are incredibly lengthy debates that are actually exciting to read. How can Ransom convince her to choose good when she knows nothing of the other option? How does one justify the good to the just? It is an exploration in first principles.
This book could be read as early as 7th grade. But it would be better understood by high school age.
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