Beany Malone

Book cover: 'Beany Malone'
Lenora Mattingly Weber
Image Cascade Publishing
Beany Malone
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186 pages
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In this second book of the series, 16 year old Beany struggles with the tendency of her family to "stick their necks out" for others at the risk of disappointment, emotional stress and failure. Johnny is busy trying to help an older, forgetful man write a book he's always wanted to write, but may not live to finish. Mary Fred is struggling with the fickle sorority girls in college and Elizabeth anxiously awaits her husband's return from the war. Beany sees a role model in her friend's mother who never lets herself worry about anything and enjoys a carefree life (which her own daughter detests). Beany begins to close herself to new friendships and other things that might make life "too difficult." Beany thinks this is a great idea until the mother's childish behavior betrays her and Beany learns to see things in a new light with the help of her family's attitudes in the face of difficulty.

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