The Cottage at Bantry Bay

Book cover: 'The Cottage at Bantry Bay'
Hilda van Stockum
Bethlehem Books
Cottage at Bantry Bay
Sewn Softcover
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239 pages
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I often have the hardest time reviewing my very favorite books. The O'Sullivan family, of Ireland in the 1930s, have become very dear to us over the years. The story is simple and charming, but very the best sense. You pick up the book and can't help reading it with an Irish brogue..and getting carried away from the modern noisy, busy world of today to a land of simplicity and beauty (though not an easy life).

The O'Sullivans are poor, but their home is filled with love. The older children, Michael and Brigid, take a journey through the Irish countryside to sell the family donkey for their Father. Along the way, they rescue a mischievous dog who leads them to an unusual treasure. The young twins, Liam and Francie are adventurous and mischievous - imagining themselves in the roles of heroes of Irish folklore.

It's an excellent read aloud story for the family or could be handled solo by a 9 or 10 year old. Hilda van Stockum is a great storyteller; all-the-while weaving a great deal of faith and wisdom into a lively glimpse of Irish culture.

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