Daddy's Lullaby

Book cover: 'Daddy's Lullaby'
Tony Bradman
Jason Cockcroft
Margaret K. McElderry Books
Sewn Hardcover
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25 pages
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Daddy's Lullaby by Tony Bradman, beautifully illustrated by Jason Cockcroft, is a children's storybook about a young dad who comes home late at night to find the baby wide awake in his crib. In his efforts to soothe the baby back to sleep, dad cuddles him in his arms and tours the house with the baby to see all the other sleeping members of the family. When that doesn't work, dad takes the baby downstairs and sings him a soft lullaby about "Daddy will hold you safe from all harm" and "Love you forever--A promise he'll keep." Exhausted from his long week at work, dad falls asleep with the baby nestled in his arms. In the morning, mom and big brother find them still sleeping peacefully. The strength and power of this dad is displayed in his commitment to his family, "let me chase that bad old dream away" and the warmth and the love he has for them with words like "And here's the best mother a baby could have. You're a lucky baby and I'm a lucky dad!" In this day and age of broken homes, this story is a refreshing encouragement to dads about the real meaning of family life. The captivating pictures poignantly illustrate the tenderness and love of this dad for his family.

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