The Children's Book of Virtues

Book cover: 'The Children's Book of Virtues'
William Bennett
Simon and Schuster
Sewn Hardcover
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112 pages
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This lavishly illustrated story-book was inspired by (and includes stories from) the best-selling story collection The Book of Virtues. This has been a favorite book in our family since my oldest was just two. The stories include: The Little Hero of Holland, the Tortoise and the Hare, The King and His Hawk (a cautionary tale about anger involving Genghis Kahn - my daughter liked this story so much that she had it almost memorized at the age of 2 1/2), St. George and the Dragon, St. Francis' Sermon to the Birds, the Legend of the Dipper, George Washington and the Cherry Tree, the Indian Cinderella, the Boy Who Cried Wolf and the Honest Woodman. Classic poems are included as well. All selections are beautifully illustrated and provide one of the most effective ways (through stories) to help children understand basic moral values.

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