Miracles on Maple Hill

Book cover: 'Miracles on Maple Hill'
Virginia Sorenson
Harcourt Brace - Odyssey Classic
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232 pages
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Marly and Joe (ages 10 and 12) are two siblings who have always lived in the city. They and their mother had endured the apparent loss of their father during wartime (unclear which war - perhaps Korean) only to discover that he had been a prisoner of war. The family is finally reunited, but their father has changed; he is bitter, touchy, angry, always tired.

Their mother had always spoken of Maple Hill and her grandmother's house that she and her brother had visited each summer as children. Her grandmother had been dead for 20 years, but Marly and Joe loved to hear stories of simple life in the country.

Their mother has a plan. Her grandmother's house has been unoccupied for years, but if they went there for a long visit, perhaps that would help her husband's troubles. And so, they pack their bags and head to rural Pennsylvania just in time for the sugar season...

This is a delightful story that embodies the human need for spending time with God's creation and the virtues of simple living. The writing is interesting and engaging, but not too hurried, with many details about how things are done on a farm (especially the sugar season), plant and animal life, etc.

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