Just Jennifer

Janet Lambert
Image Cascade
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187 pages
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Welcome to the Jordon household of "Army Brats!" Jennifer is a spunky young girl of 16 years left in charge of eight military drilled younger brothers and sisters, while their father, General Jordon, is overseas on duty.

Jennifer and Peter 's mother died when Jennifer was only five. Their father remarried a delightful and kind new mother, who loved them very much. With her came Gwen and Alice, who Jennifer said could only be "half army" (since they weren't born on an Army Post). Then came the twins, Neal and Susan, and Bitsy, who were all declared "definitely army" by Jennifer. Sadly, this mother also died leaving Jennifer in charge.

Right before Gen. Jordon had to leave on overseas duty, a telegram arrived notifying them that Gen. Jordon's brother and wife had died and their son, Donny, had to go live with the Jordons! So, Donny slipped in quietly between Alice and the twins, and since he was a quiet boy, it seemed as if he had been there forever.

Read, also, in this great book how the Jordons moved (under the guidance of a 16 yr. old!) to a nearby lake, adopted a dog, got a horse, encouraged a romance, and befriended a lonely English boy. This was a very good book that I enjoyed immensely.

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Reviewer 8th grade homeschooler

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