Beorn the Proud

Book cover: 'Beorn the Proud'
Madeleine Polland
Bethlehem Books
Sewn Softcover
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185 pages
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While I believe that textbooks are useful tools in the study of history, they tend to quickly lose the interest of the student if used alone. "Living books" work well when read alongside history textbooks because they bring to life the characters and events related - engaging the imagination and helping the student to more fully understand the signifiance of the people and events being studied. Beorn the Proud is such a story - an exciting, dramatic tale, full of real characters and accurate historical information. Beorn is the arrogant young son of a 9th century Viking chieftain who captures Ness, a young Christian girl from Ireland, and takes her onboard the Viking ship as a slave. While we see the Viking raids and lifestyle through Ness' Christian eyes, Beorn has no idea of how Ness' influence will change his life dramatically. The contrast presented between the Christian God and the Norse "gods" is very well-done. Ness' conversations with Beorn highlight the nobility and goodness of our "gentle" God while helping the reader see the importance of knowing their Faith in order to teach it to others.

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