Catholic Children's Treasure Box Books 1-6, story of St. Therese

TAN Books and Publishers
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A multi-part story of St. Therese's life is told in these six books with lovely colorful illustrations. This version would be especially appealing to three to six year old children. The story includes quite a few interesting details focusing on Therese's acts of sacrifices and offerings to God of everything she did - both those things that were hard for her to do (such as giving some flowers that she had just picked to her grandmother to use at the altar) to those things that she enjoyed doing. Also included are instructions for making the St. Therese Sacrifice Beads (to count the little acts and sacrifices one makes during a day - after beads are pushed to one side they stay in place even when carried around in a pocket). Our family liked these stories best of all the stories in the Treasure Box Books

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