In God's Garden

Amy Steedman
Roman Catholic Books
Sewn Hardcover
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142 pages
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"Long ago in a far distant land there lived a boy called Offero." So opens the story of St. Christopher, one of fourteen saint stories in In God's Garden. Written in a friendly story teller format, the book's primary audience is younger children, approximately preschool-age to 3rd grade.

Usually starting with the saint's birth and childhood, the story introduces children to legends and famous stories about that saint. Because of the fantastic quality of some of the stories, the parent may want to mention that some of the legends may not be true, like St. George killing a dragon, but we do know that the person was holy. In fact, the author does admit this in a few places when she comments, "Whether all this really happened we do not know; but one thing we are certain of . . . ."

Similar in style to Once Upon a Time Saints by Ethel Pochocki, the stories hold the reader's attention to the last word. Although the stories include facts from the saint's life, the stories are not biographies. They are stories written to introduce children to the saints and inspire them on to imitate their lives of holiness.

In the center of the book are color reproductions of paintings of the Saints by famous Italian artists such as Titian, Fra Angelico, Giotto, and others. The artwork is not dazzling compared to the bold, vibrant colors of some of today's picture books. They are, however, a way to introduce your children to some of the outstanding artists of the past.

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Binding details: Gold embossed hardback

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