A Medieval Feast

Book cover: 'A Medieval Feast'
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This is a children's story book about a fictional, but historically accurate, medieval feast (appropriate to about 1400 A.D.). The story starts from the very beginning, when the lord and lady of a manor receive notice that the King would be visiting for a few days. We see what immense preparations would start long before his arrival and the concern on the part of those hosting the feast because the king wouldn't be travelling alone - the queen, knights, squires and members of the court would make the feast a large and somewhat worrisome preparation. The colorful illustrations are inspired by medieval tapestries and are full of interesting details. The role of the Church is not forgotten as the bishop chants the grace before the meal and sits at the right hand of the king. Other details of life in the middle ages are included in the midst of the preparations for the feast and the feast itself, but the details don't go very deep. You see what happens but not much about how it happens. (My husband thought the book would have been improved by including some recipes and more descriptions of how things were made and how tasks were performed in those days). Nevertheless I think it's an interesting and worthwhile read for the little ones while their older siblings are studying the middle ages. You could probably find this one at your local library.

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