The Lances of Lynwood

Charlotte M. Yonge
Lepanto Press
Sewn Hardcover
Number of pages: 
264 pages
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"Virtue Conquers" is the theme of this charming, wholesome adventure story set in the Middle Ages, during the reign of Edward III of England. Eustace, the scholarly but valiant brother-in-law of Sir Reginald Lynwood, goes as his squire to Spain under the banner of the English sovereign. In his first battle, he loses his brother-in-law but gains a knight's spurs for his courage. His future looks very bright, but soon his prospects sour through no fault of his own, as he runs afoul of an unscrupulous kinsman who is trying to abduct his nephew Arthur, the heir to the earldom, in order to control his inheritance. Suspicion, rumors of wizardry, and attempts on his life now replace the earlier praise and honor, and how he confronts injustice and preserves his nephew's safety makes an interesting read full of chivalry and adventure.

This book might be enjoyed by children who are fans of the historical books of G.A. Henty - it has the same historical detail and the same kind of noble, virtuous protagonist -- but has the added benefit of being thoroughly Catholic. The reading level is probably best suited for ten to fourteen year olds, but there is nothing in its content which would make it unsuitable for even much younger children.

The Lances of Lynwood is part of the Knights and Ladies line recently reprinted by Lepanto Press, and is handsomely bound in a hard cover.

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This book was donated for review by Lepanto Press.

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