Book cover: 'Ivanhoe'
Sir Walter Scott
Lepanto Press
Sewn Hardcover
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539 pages

Set in 12th century England, Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe is the story of a disinherited knight upon his return from the Crusades. The knight encounters civil unrest, beautiful maidens, traitorous knights, miserly Jews, and intrigue.

The language is archaic, and is written in "Olde" English. The exciting plot more that compensates however, for the difficulties with the language. The glossary also helps explain some of the obscure references encountered in the novel.

Ivanhoe is a colourful novel, full of memorable characters- Wamba, the fool, Robin of Locksley, the enigmatic Black knight, Cedric the proud Saxon, beautiful Rowena, courageous Rebecca, Gurth, the faithful swineherd, treacherous Prince John and his Norman compatriots, and jovial Prior Aymer the not-so-holy cleric.

Ivanhoe is five hundred pages of excellent reading, filled with drama, suspence, and comedy. It's historical fiction at its finest. It's a great family read-aloud, best suited for children over ten years of age. Because of its length and style of writing, it is perhaps best suited as a family read-aloud. A highly recommended addition to your study of the Middle Ages.

P.S. The video, starring Joan Fontaine and Elizabeth Taylor, was terribly disappointing, especially after reading the novel. In this case, stick with the book alone!

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Reviewer ages 10-14

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