The Face of the Nazarene

Book cover: 'The Face of the Nazarene'
Noel Trimming
The Saint Austin Press
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157 pages
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The Face of the Nazarene is a work of historical fiction relating the story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of His friends at the home of Lazarus in Bethany. Although Mr. Trimming's earlier book, Abigail and the Widow Mary, was aimed at younger children, this story contains greater character development and more plot intensity, and thus would be more enjoyable for older children and teens. Like Abigail, the Face of the Nazarene paints a very accurate picture of life at the time of Jesus as the author takes us from the busy streets of Alexandria to the serene oasis of Bethany. These historical details and vivid descriptions are somewhat reminiscent of the writings of Louis de Wohl.

As the story unfolds, we see the powerful influence of "the Master" upon his devoted friends - especially Judah, the headstrong young charge/apprentice to Lazarus. Judah and his friends are gravely concerned about the plottings of Jesus' enemies and they desperately wish to do something to protect him. The story helps to give us a very real sense of their helplessness and sorrow as they watched His Passion and death unfold. Mary's sorrow and faith during this difficult time are also very beautifully rendered. The reader, who has experienced the sorrow of the Passion with Jesus' friends will also rejoice all the more with them at His Resurrection

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