The Evangelization of the New World

Dr. James Leek
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This text is suitable for grades 4 through 8. It tells in narrative fashion the story of the discovery, conquest, and evangelization of the New World from Columbus through the missions of California. Catholic social principles are also taught in the text. Students are asked to use the Catholic principles to judge the actions of history.

The Evangelization of the New World is a social studies supplement dealing with the Hispanic influence in American history. Again, Leek lays out objectives for the program that go far beyond merely imparting historical fact. It is designed to teach Catholic social justice principles such as human rights and duties, justice and charity, and stewardship. The teacher's manual is a great help in helping to begin discussing the interesting text, and the tests are included.

This text is recommended by Laura Berquist in her Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum.

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Though this title has been out of print for quite some time, it is readily available on the used book / resale market.

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