Catholic World History Timeline and Guide

Book cover: 'Catholic World History Timeline and Guide'
Marcia Neill
Marcia Neill
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This book/kit contains colorful strips of paper printed with the years that can be affixed to a wall-mounted (or board-mounted) timeline. The book provides a chart for how to arrange all the strips of paper so that there is enough room for the hundreds of black and white images of people and events which will comprise the bulk of the timeline. These images are taken from older books and can be "colorized" for a nicer appearance (and a fun project). The images are printed on very heavy cardstock which makes up about half of the very thick spiral bound book. The first half of the book (which, as might be expected, is printed on ordinary white paper rather than cardstock) offers chronological listings (with references to the illustrations, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Bible) of the people and events for use during construction of the timeline and for reference during history studies. The material covers a lot of detail about Biblical events and people, significant events and people from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, extensive details about the life of Christ and the early church, saints, church councils, heresies, prominent popes, Roman emperors, cultural highlights, battles, major kings and dynasties, crusades, great authors, great works of art and architecture, important explorers, and more. There are separate sections in the book timeline for U.S. Presidents and the Popes to make the book easier to use, but they are designed to be blended into the same timeline for your family.

The front of the book includes some rather extensive lists of recommended Catholic history texts, supplemental history reading and recommended websites.

The package is rather expensive, but many families are finding that, because it is a resource for the whole family that the investment was a worthwhile one. Personally, I very seldom purchase items in this price range (approximately $100). I have to admit that, in addition to using the images for our family's timeline (although we didn't do it exactly the way recommended in the book) I find myself using the reference timeline portion of the book very frequently. It's definitely not a book that will just get left on the shelf!

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