Heritage Memo Game

Book cover: 'Heritage Memo Game'
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72 pages
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A memory game showing 36 pictures of outstanding sites worldwide.

While looking for something fun to add to this year's curriculum purchases, I discovered this memory game in the Montessori Services catalog. I can't tell you how much fun we've had with it. The whole family down to the 2 1/2 year old have enjoyed rowsing games of memory while learning about important historical, cultural and religious sites from around the world.

The cards are approximately 2 inches square with full color pictures of famous sites. There are a high percentage of Catholic sites:

Cathedral of Aachen, Germany
Palace of the Pope, Avignon France
Chartres Cathedral, France
Cathedral of Cordoba, Spain
Cathedral and Monastery "Victorious Holy Maria" in Portugal
Cathedral of Cefalu in Sicily
Church of Sagrada Familia, Spain
Reims Cathedral, France
Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, Spain

Other sites are:

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
Stonehenge, Great Britain
St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow
Cathedral of Canterbury, Great Britain
Nemrut dagi, Turkey
Easter Island, South America
Temple of Katmandu, Nepal
Schwe-Dagon-Pagode, Birma
Stupa of Borobudur, Indonesia
Todaidshi-Temple, Japan
Amun-Temple, Karnak Egypt
Uxmal, Mexico
Madrese Schir-Dar, Russia
Tula, Mexico
Taj Mahal, India
Temple of Abu Simbel, Egypt
Hagia-Sofia, Turkey
Maccu Picchu, Peru
Acropolis, Athens
Sphinx and Great Pyramid
Wailing Wall, Jerusalem
Menhirs of Carnac, France
Temple of Hera, Italy
Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
Athos-Monasteries, Greece
Malawiya Minaret, Iraq
Schah-Mosque, Iran

Included with the game is a fold-out sheet with black and white images of each of the sites along with a brief description and location.

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72 cards, Made in Austria

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