Belles On Their Toes

Book cover: 'Belles On Their Toes'
Frank Gilbreth
Ernestine Gilbreth
Perennial Classics
Cheaper by the Dozen
Number of pages: 
240 pages

This sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen is, if anything, even more hilarious. Both share a realism that only a true story can acquire. After Frank B. Gilbreth's death, his wife Lillian takes over his business as an efficiency engineer, traveling to conferences and teaching students in her home. The 11 Gilbreth children are growing up, and manage to find a hilarious situation in each new experiences. As usual, the Gilbreth family faces cigarettes, garden fertilizer, one piece bathing suits, and meetings with the president with equal aplomb and humor. This book is primarily the story of 'Mother', and the Gilbreths after their father's death. I recommend reading it after Cheaper By The Dozen for that reason. Both books contain examples of the prejudices and attitudes of the 'teens and 'twenties, and provide many opportunities for learning experiences.

Video/DVD: This book was made into a movie in 1952. It diverts more from the book than the Cheaper by the Dozen movie, and has taken the form of a musical. It is available on DVD.

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