Cheaper by the Dozen

Book cover: 'Cheaper by the Dozen'
Frank Gilbreth
Ernestine Gilbreth
Perennial Classics
Cheaper by the Dozen
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224 pages

It's the Jazz Age, roadsters are the rage, and an engineer in Massachusetts is raising a vibrant family of 12 children. Welcome to the world of the Gilbreths, where everything comes 'cheaper by the dozen'.

Frank B. Gilbreth originated the science of 'motion study', to improve efficiency. He and his wife Lillian collaborated happily on books, factory layouts, and their large family. This book is essentially a family biography written by two of the Gilbreth children. Uproariously funny for families of any size, Cheaper By The Dozen will be particularly fun for homeschoolers to read. Mr. Gilbreth takes an active part in the children's education; painting glow-in-the-dark constellations on the ceiling and playing foreign language records during 'unavoidable delay' in the bathroom. Nuisance boyfriends, tonsil removal, and new babies are mundane occurrences at the Gilbreth home, and Father uses every event to teach science, and efficiency. The results are predictably hilarious.

Poignant, memorably funny, and always realistic, Cheaper By The Dozen can be read out loud or on its own. It is a genuine experience of life in the early 1900's, with all the attitudes and prejudices of that era, and will be a learning experience for your whole family.

Note: There is an instance of profanity in Chapter 2 which can easily be edited by a proofreading parent.

Video/DVD: This book was made into a movie in 1950 and is one of our family's favorites - a real classic. It is available on DVD.

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