God King: A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah

Book cover: 'God King: A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah'
Joanne Williamson
Bethlehem Books
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209 pages
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God King is a very engaging tale set in Egypt and Judah in approximately 701 B.C. Like Joanne Williamson's other Bethelehem Books title Hittite Warrior, God King helps the reader connect major stories from the Bible with contemporary events in secular history. The Egyptian perspective gives us a more complete look at the fierceness of the Assyrians and the great danger they posed to all the surrounding nations - providing greater insight into God's miraculous intervention on behalf of Jerusalem and King Hezekiah.

Taharka is one of the lesser sons of the Egyptian pharaoh, Shabaka. Through an act of mercy that was forbidden to one in his position, he is unexpectedly chosen as successor to his father. Life as Pharaoh is strange and unpleasant to him as he adjusts to a new life of strange eating restrictions, limited interaction with common people and bizarre rules of etiquette. To make matters worse, a whole web of threats and intrigue follows, involving his jealous half-brother Shabataka, who had been groomed for the throne, and the threat of Assyrian spies and invasion. Finally Taharka escapes an attempt on his life and flees the country in disguise in the company the king of Judah's ambassador, who had come to Taharka asking for assistance against the Assyrians. Taharka encounters the seemingly invincible armies of the Assryians and their cruel ways before making his way into a besieged Jerusalem. There Taharka comes to appreciate the faith, integrity and ingenuity of King Hezekiah and discovers how he can use his position to prevent a new threat.

You can find the Biblical account of King Hezekiah in the Book of Isaiah. Ages 10 and up.

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