The Flying Ensign: Greencoats against Napoleon

Book cover: 'The Flying Ensign: Greencoats against Napoleon'
Showell Styles
Bethlehem Books
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297 pages
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In their latest "Budget Book", Bethlehem Books gives us a double dose of adventure featuring Ensign Peter Byrd of the "Fighting 95th" Riflemen of the British army.... The Flying Ensign (copyright 1960)

In the first story, the treacherous mountains of Northern Spain in winter provide a unique backdrop for the harrowing and courageous endeavours of "the Flying Ensign" and his comrades in rescuing their friend from certain death behind enemy lines and subsequently attempting to rejoin the ranks of the British army as they retreat from a desperate and lop-sided challenge to Napoleon's forces.

Fans of Showell Styles' Midshipman Quinn stories will recognize the similar attention to detail and themes of courage and ingenuity tied up with actual historic events in the Flying Ensign but with fresh characters, settings, and adventures. The landscape, architecture and culture of Spain are a fascinating place to experience mountain climbing adventures, hair-raising rescues and escapes and a wide variety of heroes and villains on both sides of the battle lines.

A quick and engaging read for ages 10 and up or a great read aloud for the whole family.

Also see our review of the second book in this volume - Byrd of the 95th.

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Copyrights 1960/1962

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