Egg: A Photographic Story of Hatching

Book cover: 'Egg: A Photographic Story of Hatching'
Robert Burton
Dorling Kindersley
Sewn Hardcover
Number of pages: 
45 pages
Grade / Age level: 

When you think of eggs hatching, do you tend to think of birds and chicks? Think again! Reptiles, fish and insects can hatch from eggs as well. This book provides the photo stories of the hatching of 27 different animals including Ostrich, Moorhen, Japanese Quail, Starling, Leopard Tortoise, Cornsnake, Leopard Gecko, Ladybug, Common Frog, Great Crested Newt, Goldfish and Kerry Slug. Each hatching includes numerous photos with detailed descriptions of the process and how long it takes. A final photo generally shows the creature a day or two later.

The introductory pages provide comments and illustrations on "What is an Egg?", "Who Has Eggs?", and "The Developing Egg" (with drawings of the development of a baby chick within its egg).

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