1000 Years of Catholic Scientists

Jane Meyerhofer
Ye Hedge School
Stapled Softcover
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88 pages

Nearly 200 Catholic scientists from the past thousand years are overviewed by means of brief biographies, with dates and places where each scientist lived and worked. The scientists are listed in chronological order with an alphabetical index in back. The author's primary source of information is the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913 (which can be found online at http://www.newadvent.org). Her main purposes in working on this project are "to show students that Catholics have always been scientists" and "that there is nothing incompatible between science and the Catholic faith."

I have received QUITE a few e-mails from Catholic homeschoolers (particularly ones using Protestant science texts - which tend to highlight the religious beliefs of Protestant scientists) who want to know how to find out which scientists were Catholic. This booklet is a good place to start. Even though the Catholic Encyclopedia is available free online, this booklet is a simple and easy way of finding what you're looking for (particularly because the Catholic Encyclopedia online doesn't yet have a search feature).

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