Letters to a Young Catholic

Book cover: 'Letters to a Young Catholic'
George Weigel
Basic Books
Sewn Hardcover
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208 pages
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In this small bok, author George Weigel takes us on a journey around the Catholic world, both literally and figuratively. Weigel had the idea to present each different aspect he wanted to discuss with young adult Catholics (and any adult interested in learning a little more about the Faith) by taking his book reading companions on a journey to several noted Catholic destinations, such as Chartres Cathedral in France, the Sistine Chapel in Rome, and various destinations in Poland and America. At each location, Weigel stops to discuss some aspect of Catholic Christianity with his reader.

Weigel begins by telling the reader a little bit about his own upbringing as a Catholic boy in Baltimore. He spends a chapter talking about an energetic parish in South Carolina, and why the pastor, a convert, has succeeded in making the parish dynamically orthodox. Weigel spends time in England with G.K. Chesterton, another convert, and uses a number of Chestertonian quotes to talk about the faith. Flannery O'Connor, too, emerges as one of Weigel's favorite authors, and her quotes are funny, pithy, and speak to the heart.

The author's discussion of redemptive suffering, Theology of the Body, the use of icons and much, much more, make this a book I recommend to all young, and not-so-young Catholics.

You can read a chapter from the book at the Catholic Educator's Resource Center.

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Also available in softcover published by Perseus

originally appeared in Heart and Mind Magazine, Spring 2005 - used with permission

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