a catholic guide to the good life

Book cover: ' a catholic guide to the good life'
Amy Welborn
Our Sunday Visitor
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128 pages
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The world claims to have the answers, but what are they? Please yourself, answer to no one, claim your truth, reject any close-minded or intolerant positions, be tolerant and diverse and accepting of other truths, whatever they are, except it they are intolerant.

If these are the answers, what are the questions?

When young people ask themselves:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want out of life?
  • Why is everything so complicated?
  • Where will I find true happiness? and
  • How do I choose right from wrong in a world filled with so many different answers?

they want the truth, even if it is challenging.

Amy Welborn has written as a guide book for today's young people, Catholic and Christian. Welborn's style is light, breezy, funny and pointed: the truth is found in the Catholic Church, and if you don't understand why, it's simple: Because Jesus told us so.

She continuously rejects answers such as, "because there is a rule that says..." or "because the Church said so." Welborn reminds us that it's not about "have to" (as in "I have to go to Mass today", or "will I have to confess this sin?") She continues to bring us back to the thought that if we want to have a relationship with God, we can do it best by getting to know His Son, Jesus, and we figure out Jesus best by reading the Bible, going to Church, and receiving the sacraments. It's that simple.

I was prepared to find this book too simplistic, too small. It is a very thin book, only 118 pages with short paragraphs and an easy-to-read type face. However, I found myself totally absorbed in it, able to quickly understand it, and even came away from it with some easier ways to talk about the faith with my relatives and friends.

I think this book would be good for older teens ("mature" 14 or 15 and up, due to the chapter on morals) and young adults to read as an overview of our faith.

This would be a great gift for a confirmand, a fallen-away Catholic, a lukewarm relative, or any person who needs to figure out how to be a mature, adult Catholic in this Church. It is perfect for anyone who might not read something more in depth. I think this book serves a great purpose in being a short and brief but thorough description of the good life: life as a Catholic in full communion with Jesus though his church.

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