The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism No.1

Book cover: 'The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism No.1'
Father Bennett Kelley, CP
Catholic Book Publishing Company
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192 pages
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Though very inexpensive, the New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechisms written by Father Lovasik are worth their weight in gold. They are based on the Baltimore Catechism which was first approved by the Archbishop of Baltimore, James Cardinal Gibbons in 1885. The New Saint Joseph version goes beyond the simple question-and-answer format of the original catechism, it incorporates Holy Scripture with each lesson and includes discussion questions, a fill-in-the-blank section, and suggested Bible readings at the end of each lesson. The pictures themselves are a great teaching tool, as they illustrate spiritual truths.

Memorizing the questions and answers of the catechism provides the opportunity to build a religious foundation. This basic Catholic doctrinal foundation gives children the tools necessary to defend their faith when they are old enough to apply reason and logic, much like memorizing the alphabet before learning to read and analyze literature.

In addition to memorization of the question and answers, I copy the accompanying Scripture onto a 3 by 5 index card. Then the children and I memorize the Scripture verse and discuss how it applies to the week's lesson. I am careful to emphasize the Scripture as a part of a whole picture rather than putting too much emphasis on individual verses. We review the Q&A and Scripture each day for a week, before moving on to the next lesson. Book no. 1 has the Baltimore questions and answers divided into three parts: The Creed, The Commandments, and The Sacraments and Prayer. Its recommended use is for grades three through five.

This book is available from nearly all Catholic homeschool providers, including those listed below.

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