Eucharistic Miracles and Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints

Book cover: 'Eucharistic Miracles and Eucharistic Phenomena in the Lives of the Saints'
Joan Carroll Cruz
TAN Books and Publishers
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305 pages

Joan Carroll Cruz has clearly spent years researching these very detailed accounts of 36 Eucharistic Miracles dating from the 8th century all the way up to 1970. Each story is carefully related according to the details known today which often include scientific confirmation and papal recognition of the miracles as well as photographs of reliquaries and hosts that remain intact even today. The stories are fascinating and certainly provide aid to people's faith through these very real testaments to the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. While these stories are probably written primarily with adults in mind, I was very surprised and delighted when my first-communion aged daughter brought me this book to read to her and repeatedly asked me to read a little to her each night until we had finished the entire book! Highly recommended.

This book can easily be incorporated into a History study as it is organized by date. I have also included references to the stories in this book on my history reading timeline at

This book may be purchased from any Catholic booksellers that carry TAN Books.

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