Friendly Defenders

Book cover: 'Friendly Defenders'
Matt Pinto
Katherine Andes
Ascension Press
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50 pages
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Each packet of Friendly Defenders Catholic Flash Cards includes 50 cards covering 12 categories: Tradition, Church, Papacy, Eucharist/Mass, Salvation, Purgatory, Baptism, Mary, Saints, Confession, Statues & Holy Objects, and Holy Orders. The purpose of the cards is to assist children, ages 8 and up, and teenagers to be able to defend their faith with clear and easy explanations against the typical questions about the Catholic faith.

On the front of each card is a number and color code, category and topic, a boy or girl (with a memorable name such as Curious Connie) who offers a challenging a question or statement to Catholics. On the back of each card is another boy or girl (with a name such as Joyful Joey) giving a solid Catholic response. There is also a Bible verse and additional comments at the bottom of the card to explain the answer. Also included are Bible references with related Bible verses. For example, in the Category of "Purgatory" and the topic of "Purpose of . . .", Questioning Quincy states, "Purgatory is not necessary. You're either saved or not saved." Gracious Grace gives the reply on the back. "Purgatory is only for the saved. It's a place or state where those who died in God's friendship are made perfect so they can enter heaven of which St. John writes. . . 'Nothing unclean will enter it' (Rev. 21:27).

These cards are unique in that they are not just basic catechism questions, but questions that non-Catholics often have about the Catholic faith and these cards supply young people the tools to effectively reply to those misconceptions. Colorful and contemporary, Friendly Defenders Catholic Flash Cards offer kids a fun way to learn to defend the faith.

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50 full color glossy cards

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