Letters, Endorsements, etc.

"I find myself once again in awe of your gifts! Thus, I'm also about to thank you again! I found your website very helpful. I was so encouraged by not only the diversity of options, but the abundance. If no one has thanked you lately for the effort you put into giving homeschoolers assistance -- let me! As a beginner, who makes herself crazy with over-analysis, I feel so much more confident in trying homeschooling now. I'm sure I sound completely sappy in all this gratitude, but I take education, children, my society, and God so seriously that these issues are anvil-like in their weight on my mind. Thanks for easing the load!" A.D.

"...probably the most extensive Catholic homeschool site on the web." Bethlehem Books Website

Reviews and sample pages of popular homeschooling books and texts. History Index is especially great. Plus plenty of other useful information for Catholic homeschooling families. My favorite! - Maureen Wittmann

Thank You so much for the opportunity to enter this contest. It also brought me to a new site that I find very interesting. I have 5 grand daughters and they turn to me for their questions on God and religion. I chose to be a Catholic and the g'kids see my joy and want to join in. I feel the Holy Spirit has put this joyful duty on me as these girls come from homes that do not practice nor teach the love of God. - a reader

A few days ago I received the books I won in the Love2learn Book
Giveaway--thank you so much! I greatly anticipate reading them and
learning from them. We're at the very beginning of our homeschooling
journey; our oldest daughter (we have 4) will be 5 in the fall and
starting a relaxed kindergarten. I have learned so much from you and
several other Catholic bloggers (although I'm not Catholic
myself--we're Russian Orthodox). Thank you for being an encouragement and
inspiration, and thank you for these wonderful books! - a reader

It seems funny to review a review site, but this one is truly a blessing worth mentioning. A top-notch crew of experienced Catholic homeschoolers help Alicia review resources regularly. The new site is very user-friendly. Reviews are archived alphabetically, and by calendar,by subject, and by educational philosophy. But wait! There's more! The search engine works beautifully. The section on high school at home is particularly appreciated by this reviewer. The new site is clear, crisp, and incredibly easy to navigate. - Elizabeth Foss

"I wanted to contacted you and let you know how much I appreciate and value your webpage. My husband and I recently came to the decision to not place our oldest child in public school again in the fall. Rather, he will begin homeschooling second grade with me in the fall. Your site has helped us judge various texts offered by my purchased curiculum, and as a result I have changed some selections. When one embarks on such an ambitious endevour, there is so much one has to learn! I readily admit I learned a great deal of it from your site and through its links. I now feel confident and encouraged as I begin this difficult, but joyous, task of teaching my children, myself, at home." - a reader