Ancient Egypt Architecture


David Macaulay

Black and white illustrations and readable text take you through the building of a fictional pyramid in Ancient Egypt (but so close to reality that you'll hardly know the difference) from the beginning plans of a Pharaoh for his final resting place, thorugh years of construction, and finally, the Pharaoh's death, mummification and entombment. Fortunately, the emphasis is on the design and construction of the pyramid rather than mummification. The many detailed pictures illustrate tools, techniques, materials used, etc. This is a very nice book and comes highly recommended. It is geared toward the 10-14 year old range, but my younger children have enjoyed it as a read aloud (my son in particular pores over the pictures and wants to know what each of the construction tools is for - such a boy!). The information is interesting and detailed enough to be read by teens or adults as well.

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