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Declaration Statesmanship

Book cover: 'Declaration Statesmanship: A Course in American Government'
Dr. Richard Ferrier
Dr. Andrew Seeley

Since the last review of this work, the name has changed, and it now comes with a teacher's manual and book of readings. It was formerly called America's Declaration Principles in Thought and Action. The main text has not changed, but is now printed in an attractive 8 X 11 comb-bound book.

Original Review:

The Phonetic Zoo

Book cover: 'The Phonetic Zoo: A Self-Teaching Spelling Program (Advanced level)'
James Webster
Andrew Pudewa

The Phonetic Zoo is an auditory (CD) based spelling program that includes at each level 5 Audio CD's (540 rule-based spelling words), 47 5 ½"x 8 ½" flashcards teaching the most important spelling rules and similar set of 2 �" x 3 5/8" (illustrated) zoo cards, an introductory DVD, and a pamphlet that explains the basics of the program.

Correct Writing

Book cover: 'Correct Writing'
S.J. Kammer et al.

This 525 page hardcover is Book 1 in the once popular Catholic high school series "A Course For Secondary Schools." Fortunately, for those who want to continue educating their children along the lines of Voyages in English series, Lepanto press has reprinted this 1952 gem.

Math Talk

Book cover: 'Math Talk: mathematical ideas in poems for two voices'
Theoni Pappas

I have long been a fan of the poems for two voices books by Paul Fleischman. This book puts a twist on the idea by covering math topics in poems. It's a really unique and engaging way to memorize a math concept, reciting it as a poem. A poem for two voices is a poem recited by two people where sometimes the same words are said in tandem, sometimes alternately, and sometimes, the speakers speak at the same time saying different things.

Algebra I: A Teaching Textbook

Book cover: 'Algebra I: A Teaching Textbook'
Greg Sabouri
Shawn Sabouri

Over the years I have used several different Algebra programs with my children. With Peter, this is the fourth Algebra program we have tried. For various reasons, they have never met our expectations. At long last with Teaching Textbooks Algebra I, we have found one that works.

Before writing a review, I wanted to wait until Peter had completed most of the textbook, so that I would avoid any unpleasant surprises. Right now, he has completed about 2/3rds of the text and my opinion has not changed. This program is a homeschool mom's dream come true.

Jacobs' Geometry

Book cover: 'Jacobs' Geometry'
Harold R Jacobs

Saxon is a tried and true mathematics choice for many homeschoolers, but one complaint about the high school level texts Algebra I and Algebra II is that geometry is included piecemeal in the algebra courses rather than being taught separately in a systematic fashion. Jacobs' Geometry is one alternative for those who find this to be a problem. It is a friendly, thorough approach to high school geometry that starts with an introduction to deductive reasoning and takes the student through to non-Euclidean and coordinate geometry.


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