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Old Sam, Dakota Trotter

Book cover: 'Old Sam, Dakota Trotter'
Don Alonzo Taylor

This Bethlehem Budget Book contains two books in one softcover volume: Old Sam, Thoroughbred Trotter (copyright 1955) and Old Sam and the Horse Thieves (copyright 1967).

Brave Buffalo Fighter

Book cover: 'Brave Buffalo Fighter'
John D. Fitzgerald

This story is told in the style of a journal written by a ten year old girl who travels by wagon train with her parents and her twelve year old brother from St. Joseph, Missouri to Fort Laramie (Wyoming) in 1860. The author relates a very detailed account of how life was lived on a highly organized wagon train (and some comparisons with one that was slopped together and suffered great difficulties from it). We also see the growth of character in the family (particularly the mother) who must accustome themselves to hard labor and ignoring their previous station in society.

Christ and the Americas

Book cover: 'Christ and the Americas'
Anne W. Carroll

Christ and the Americas is a high school American history text by the same author as Christ the King, Lord of History It is difficult to describe in a paragraph or two a book that covers so much. The book is packed with stories and information about major aspects of American history, from the ancient civilizations of the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas, to post-Cold War America.

Our Pioneers and Patriots

Book cover: 'Our Pioneers and Patriots'
Rev. Philip Furlong

Our Pioneers and Patriots begins with a review of Viking exploration and continues through the history of the United States to the time of President Roosevelt and the New Deal. The text is direct and factual, focusing on key people and events. Read straight through, this book would bore most children; however, when read a page or two at a time the presentation style is interesting and easily understood. Fr. Furlong has a unique way of digesting complex information into a few short sentences.

From Sea to Shining Sea

Book cover: 'From Sea to Shining Sea: The Story of America'

We just finished a great history year, my two middle-schoolers and I. We tackled American History and used as our textbook Catholic School Textbook Project's From Sea to Shining Sea. I divide our school year into four quarters, so we had exactly five chapters per quarter. Every Wednesday afternoon we sat down in the sunny, bright living room and I would begin reading a chapter aloud. My two middle-schoolers would then each a take turn reading and we would have the chapter read in just over an hour. They used an atlas to find and trace the historical routes covered that session.

The Evangelization of the New World

Dr. James Leek

Author's description of the text:

This text is suitable for grades 4 through 8. It tells in narrative fashion the story of the discovery, conquest, and evangelization of the New World from Columbus through the missions of California. Catholic social principles are also taught in the text. Students are asked to use the Catholic principles to judge the actions of history.

American History, Grade 5

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Edmund J. Goebel
Sister Mary Richardine
John E. O'Laughlin

There is no shortage of reprinted United States for elementary Catholic students, but this one designed for fifth grade offers a unique perspective. The student's text is an overview of American history from the discovery period through to 1963, with the final chapters on the history of machines and transportation and the Constitution.

American History for Young Catholics, Grade 1

Book cover: 'American History for Young Catholics, Grade 1'

American History for Young Catholics includes 18 short stories, offering a gentle introduction to American History. Not longer than two pages each, each interesting selection takes less than five minutes to read aloud. The stories include famous American heroes; such as George Washington and Daniel Boone; American Saints, such as Kateri Tekawitha and St. Frances Cabrini; and interesting facts about American history, such as famous inventions and the Panama Canal. The selections are short, but substantive.

A Students' Guide to U.S. History

Book cover: 'A Students' Guide to U.S. History'
Wilfred M. McClay

In A Students' Guide to U.S. History, author Wilfred M. McClay challenges the mind of the reader to think wider, deeper and higher about the study of American history. After explaining the purpose behind this book, he elaborates on what the study of history mistakenly is thought to be, before he realigns the reader's mind to what it should be. Taking a philosophical turn of mind, he dares the reader to search for truth; to do otherwise would be folly.

The Scrambled States of America

Book cover: 'The Scrambled States of America: The Whimsical, Mad-Dashing, Geography Game'

The Scrambled States of America is based on a book of the same name by Laurie Keller. It involves making geography fun for young children through a story in which the states get mixed up and need to be put back in order. You don't need to know the story to enjoy the game, however.


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