Grades K-2

26 Fairmount Avenue

Book cover: '26 Fairmount Avenue'
Tomie de Paola

With 26 Fairmount Avenue, Tomie dePaola has written an account of when he was four and five years old and awaiting the building of his new home on Fairmount Ave. The story opens in 1938 with a huge hurricane blowing into town, upsetting life as well as trees. Mama calms everyone's fears by sprinkling the neighbors and the children with holy water. (Direct Catholic references are few, but nice to see.)

Catholic Children's Treasure Box Books 1-6, story of St. Therese

A multi-part story of St. Therese's life is told in these six books with lovely colorful illustrations. This version would be especially appealing to three to six year old children. The story includes quite a few interesting details focusing on Therese's acts of sacrifices and offerings to God of everything she did - both those things that were hard for her to do (such as giving some flowers that she had just picked to her grandmother to use at the altar) to those things that she enjoyed doing. Also included are instructions for making the St.

In God's Garden

Amy Steedman

"Long ago in a far distant land there lived a boy called Offero." So opens the story of St. Christopher, one of fourteen saint stories in In God's Garden. Written in a friendly story teller format, the book's primary audience is younger children, approximately preschool-age to 3rd grade.

The Holy Twins: Benedict and Scholastica

Book cover: 'The Holy Twins: Benedict and Scholastica'
Kathleen Norris
Tomie de Paola

This oversized story book, illustrated with the familiar style of Tomie de Paola, relates the stories of Saints Benedict and Scholastica - twin brother and sister who lived in Italy in the 5th Century. The story is very simple, with gentle humor, and suitable for young children. The illustrations are especially interesting because they resemble pre-Renaissance Christian art with little bits of the story taking place in the background of the main picture.

The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus

Book cover: 'The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus'

This 48-page picture book is designed to introduce early-elementary-aged children to the myths of Ancient Greece through text and pictures. We have several books in our family library by Aliki, and I was prepared to enjoy this one just as much. However, I was disappointed in both the artwork and the presentation of the myths.

Kit: An American Girl

Valerie Tripp

A series of six historical fiction titles from the time of the Great Depression; page count above is per book.

Counting Your Way Through ...

Book cover: 'Counting Your Way Through Germany'
  • Count Your Way Through Japan
  • Count Your Way Through Mexico, etc.

Hope's Revolutionary War Diary

Kristiana Gregory

For young readers, this is an extremely well written account of the American Revolution. Written as a diary of a young girl, the book opens with Hope's family living with her relatives in Valley Forge. This quickly changes, however, when her family moves back to Philadelphia.

And Then What Happened, Paul Revere?

Jean Fritz

This is a humorous yet informative account of Paul Revere's famous ride to alert the countryside that "the Redcoats" were coming. The details are quite interesting and carefully researched (down to a few details that Paul Revere liked to include when telling the story to his own grandchildren). There are a few slightly annoying details in the illustrations, but I wouldn't consider them serious (e.g. a picture of a Boston scene that includes a picture of a pirate's head - not detailed enough to be gory, but a bit gross) .

Baby Whales Drink Milk

Book cover: 'Baby Whales Drink Milk'
Barbara Juster Esbensen

A nice picture book which introduces basic facts about whales and what they are: mammals rather than fish. Includes nice pictures (with some beautiful scenery) and informative text.


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