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Saints for Sinners

Archbishop Alban Goodier

There is nothing quite like reading the lives of the saints to give us hope and inspiration. Saints for Sinners from Sophia Institute Press brings many of these inspiring and holy lives to the reader drawing both from well-known and obscure saints' lives. Archbishop Alban Goodier selected these saints because in many ways their lives seemed like failures. In the eyes of the world, they amounted to very little--or so it seemed in their own time. In the eyes of God, however, their lives remain as heavenly models for us today!


Bernard Tavitian

Blokus is more than just the most awarded game in recent history; it has almost become a phenomenon. A visit to the company website will quickly convince you how popular this game has become; international tournaments, online demonstrations, interactive Internet-based games, and even a free lost-part replacement service are just some of the features. After playing the game for several months, we are convinced that these awards are well-deserved!

Spiritual Bouquet Card Kit from Illuminated Ink

The Spiritual Bouquet Card Kit includes four pastel-colored lattice-work window cards (this card can be purchased individually) made of card stock, four green paper background sheets that go under the window to arrange flower stickers on, four paper card inserts with a cheerful rhyme, saying that this card is a spiritual bouquet, four sheets for the back of the card describing the Catholic symbolism of various flowers found on the card (Irises—Mary’s Sword of Sorrow or Geraniums—Gentle Virgin, etc.) along with words of encouragement, four envelopes, lots of flower, grass, and butterfly stic

Jesse Tree Ornament Kit from Illuminated Ink

The Jesse Tree Ornament Kit comes with 12 ready-to-assemble, 3-dimensional ornaments on card stock, instructions, Bible verses to find the corresponding story to each ornament, string, and sequins. Each finished ornament is approximately 3” x 3” x 2.” They also sell a wooden tree ornament that requires some assembly to display the ornaments on.

Marian Apparition Trading Cards from Illuminated Ink

The Marian Apparition Trading Cards set includes seven different lovely pictures of the Blessed Mother on the front, from Our Lady of Fatima to Our Lady of Knock and information about who, when, and why on the back. For example, for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the Who is “Our Lady of Mt. Carmel appeared to Simon Stock.” When: July 16, 1251. Why: St.

Catholic Bookmark Kit from Illuminated Ink

The Catholic Bookmark Kit includes 15 ready-to-color 3” by 8” durable card stock bookmarks with 5 different designs, including a Psalm verse, several clever sayings, such as Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE), or a Catholic quote (“The worst prison is a closed heart” by Pope John Paul II), all reminding children of the spiritual values of their faith. The artwork is bold, dramatic, fun, and professional looking. To make them last even longer, you may want to laminate them.

Saint Symbol Stickers from Illuminated Ink

Saint Symbol Stickers could be used in a variety of ways from incentives or rewards on school workbook pages, or as fun accessories for a child’s stationary to liven up letters to a pen pal. They are great for boys or girls. A child could also make a mini saint book with a sticker per page and a short biography of the saint. The Saint Symbol Stickers could also be used for a history timeline. They could make saints days on a calendar. The possibilities are endless. What a great way to reinforce learning about the saints!

Prayer Book for Catholics

Jacquelyn Lindsey

Prayer Book for Catholics is a handy, simple small book filled with Catholic traditional prayers and more. The prayers are grouped by category: Basic prayers, Blessed Trinity, Litanies, Mary, Saints, Angels, Mass, Eucharistic Adoration. And more: prayers for throughout the day, for everyday, for the Church and the world, and even to help us with reading and understanding sacred scriptures.

The Man Who Was Thursday

G.K. Chesterton

The Man Who Was Thursday is a great classic, beloved by many, and not easy to do justice to in a review (even after reading it twice, leading a teen discussion on the book and attending a Chesterton conference which particularly highlighted this book!), but I'll give it my best shot.

The Sacrament of Confirmation for Confirmation Candidates

the Dominicans in Bologna, Italy
the Institute of St. Clement I

The Sacrament of Confirmation for Confirmation Candidates is a concise, thorough, and faithful resource for confirmation preparation.


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