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Art Masterpieces: A Liturgical Collection

Book cover: 'Art Masterpieces: A Liturgical Collection'

We enjoy CHC products a great deal because they fit naturally into our homeschool and family life. This little art appreciation course is no exception.

Art Fraud Detective: Spot the Difference, Solve the Crime!

Book cover: 'Art Fraud Detective: Spot the Difference, Solve the Crime!'
Anna Nilsen

This is an exciting and fun art supplement that kids are sure to love (makes a great gift for Christmas or a birthday). There are three main parts to the book. First is an introduction which explains a problem the art museum is having with forgeries. Several gangs of artists have copied original works, but made very slight changes to them. The object of the book is to identify who is responsible for the various forgeries by looking carefully for very specific clues.

Easy Christmas Duets

Book cover: 'Easy Christmas Duets: A Nine-Note Recorder Book'
Penny Gardner

Bravo for another treasure from Penny Gardner! The 40 plus songs in this book provide plenty of material for Christmas programs or supplemental lesson work. Organized according to ease of playing, these pieces presume some prior recorder experience. (For those brand new to the instrument, I highly recommend the original Nine-Note Recorder Method text which includes instruction and 30 familiar Christmas songs.)

Nine-Note Recorder Method: Easy Duets for Beginners

Book cover: 'Nine-Note Recorder Method: Easy Duets for Beginners'
Penny Gardner

Whether you are an accomplished musician or a complete novice, this simple, inexpensive book will have you playing beautiful music in less than an hour. (I have children in both categories, and have been unable to pick up the book to review it for almost three months since it's been in constant use!) By learning the nine easiest notes to play, and then playing music in parts, learners at all levels are immediately successful.

Wee Sing: Around the World

Book cover: 'Wee Sing: Around the World'

This audio tape or CD and booklet take you around the world, continent by continent, by introducing you to favorite folks songs or children's songs from each country. Someone from each country introduces themselves in their own language and then in English and the song is sung in each language as well. The booklet includes all the words to the songs in the native language and English, simple piano notation and guitar chords. There are charming illustrations including each country's flag. You'll also find a little description of each country.

Music Theory Learning Wrap-Ups: Introductory Kit

Book cover: 'Music Theory Learning Wrap-Ups: Introductory Kit'

Kit includes four sets of 10 flashcards: Keys & Notes, Signs & Symbols, Rhythm & Vocabulary, Intervals & Chords

Gi'Me Elbow Room, Folk Songs of A Scottish Childhood

Book cover: 'Gi'Me Elbow Room, Folk Songs of A Scottish Childhood'
Bonnie Rideout

Three time national fiddle champion Bonnie Rideout put together an enchanting collection of songs and poems for children on this CD. She has set traditional poems and nursery rhymes (such as Bobbie Shafto and Wee Willie Winkie) to traditional Scottish tunes and includes familiar songs such as My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean and Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be.

The best part of the CD are the pieces of original and traditional music set to the poems of Robert Louis Stevenson and an absolutely ingenious adaption of the Yeats poem, The Fiddler from Dooney.

Beck Family Musical Series

Each set in this series contains two or three tapes and a book. The books contains the lyrics and music to a wide variety of folk tunes from around the world, hymns, and Gregorian chants. The Gregorian chants are relatively difficult, but the other songs are fairly easy to sing. I didn't know many of the songs, but we have enjoyed learning them. Each set of a book and tapes is roughly aimed at different ages, but I am having no trouble using the 4th-6th grade set with my seventh grade daughter. The sets are 1st-3rd grades, 4th-6th grades, and 7th-8th grades.


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