Owls in the Family

Farley Mowat

Owls in the Family is a wonderful story of a few years in the life of a young boy growing up in Canada, his friends, and his unusual pets. This tale, by distinguished author Farley Mowat, is told in the first person, recounting hilarious episodes with colorful descriptions, proving that real life can be even more fun than a made-up story.

Lydia Longley, The First American Nun

Helen A. McCarthy
John Lawn

Dramatic changes are in store for Lydia Longley when her father brings home a new mother for his children. At the time she is twelve-years-old. This change, however, proves to be small in comparison to the traumatic event that changes her life forever when she is twenty.

While everyone is busy preparing breakfast, a party of Abenaki Indians raids their peaceful farm, killing her parents, brothers and sisters. Miraculously, they spare her life along with her younger brother and sister. Sadly, her three-year-old sister does not survive the treacherous journey north.

Friendly Gables

Book cover: 'Friendly Gables'
Hilda Van Stockum

Friendly Gables is the final book in the Mitchell's Series and our favorite of the bunch.The family has recently settled into a large, comfortable house in Quebec. Mother has just given birth to twins and a cranky nurse comes to help. The children are adjusting to life in Canada - including French schools and a boy who's itching to pick a fight with "Yankee" boys.

Canadian Summer

Book cover: 'Canadian Summer'
Hilda Van Stockum

Canadian Summer continues the story of the Mitchell Family (this is the second book in the series) several years after World War II. Baby Catherine has joined the family. Father is back from the war and has moved to Quebec for his job. He has difficulty finding housing for the family, but finally makes arrangements and sends Mother, Granny and the children up on the train. Upon arriving, the ladies are shocked to find that accomodations consist of a remote ski cabin lacking electricity or running water.

Madeleine Takes Command (audio)

Book cover: 'Madeleine Takes Command (audio)'
Ethel C. Brill

Madeleine Takes Command is a story of heroism. Based on a true account in the winter 1692-93 in the wilderness of French Canada, fourteen-year-old Madeleine, along with her brothers, twelve-year-old Louis and ten-year-old Alexandre, hold down the fort against a raiding Iroquois party.

Madeleine Takes Command

Book cover: 'Madeleine Takes Command'
Ethel C. Brill

The thrilling true story of fourteen-year-old Madeleine de Verchères, who in 1692 defended her family's seigneury (a type of fortess) and its occupants from the fierce Mohawk Indians for an entire week with only the aid of her two younger brothers, an elderly servant, one faithful full-grown man and two cowardly soldiers who were of little help. Although the basic outline of the story is well-documented, this story fills in all of the interesting (and likely) details surrounding this event that is still commemorated near Montreal with a statue of this young heroine.

The King's Daughter

Suzanne Martel

This engaging novel is centered around a young orphan from France, who is married off to a Canadian coureur de bois. The heroine, Jeanne Chatel, is spunky and determined to succeed in the wilds of 17th century Canada. There is considerable Catholic content in the novel. Jeanne is an orphan, and is raised by Catholic nuns in France. She travels to America with Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys, who went on to found schools and chapels, and started the Congregation of Notre Dame in Montreal, Quebec.

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