French Revolution

A Tale of Two Cities

Book cover: 'A Tale of Two Cities'
Charles Dickens

Historical Fiction set in the French Revolution. For the uninitiated - the two cities are Paris and London. The story also involves two men - one a French aristrocrat, hated by the lower classes involved in the bloody revolution for crimes committed by his family - the other a wealthy British bachelor. Both fall in love with Lucie, the beautiful daughter of a man who was freed from the Bastille after being wrongfully imprisoned. It is a beautiful story of love and sacrifice amidst the horror and evil of the Reign of Terror.

The Song at the Scaffold

Book cover: 'The Song at the Scaffold'
Gertrud Von Le Fort

This novelette, set at the time of the French Revolution, follows the lives of the nuns of the Carmelite convent at Compiegne during those troubled times, all the way to their martyrdom at the guillotine. Despite the rather short length, the novel is very deep and very moving. The author, rather than having the charcters preach to the reader, created a story which causes the reader to consider some very substantial spiritual issues - suffering, pride, fear, and how God works in our lives.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Book cover: 'The Scarlet Pimpernel'
Barroness Orczy

This classic romance/mystery set in the French Revolution is the story of a wealthy British nobleman, Percy, with a daring and secret side of his life which he keeps hidden even from his wife - a beautiful French actress. Percy and some close friends have found a sport much more exciting, noble, and dangerous than the typical fox-hunting: that of rescuing French aristocrats from the raging mobs and guillotine of the French revolution.

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