Archimedes and the Door of Science

Book cover: 'Archimedes and the Door of Science'
Jeanne Bendick

Archimedes, the reknowned ancient Greek Scientist and Mathematician, had an enormous impact on all science and math since his time. This is his story, simply and even humorously told. The reader is introduced to many important concepts discovered and used by Archimedes including the lever, the pulley and his famous discoveries involving water displacement. (Numerous black and white drawings aid immensely in understanding these concepts). I love books which take concepts that have been made over-complex by modern textbooks and show how they are simple enough to be understood by children.

Conceptual Physics for Parents and Teachers, Book One: Mechanics

Book cover: 'Conceptual Physics for Parents and Teachers, Book One: Mechanics'
Paul Hewitt

Subtitle: Especially Elementary School Teachers, who, after parents, provide the learning foundation for children The Conceptual Physics series is designed to make scientific concepts more accessible to parents and teachers. The hope is that a greater understanding on our part will lead to more and better information for children at a young age so that they might begin to develop an interest in science and the wonders of the world around them.

The Way Things Work Kit

Book cover: 'The Way Things Work Kit'

This kit provides dozens of special cardboard pieces, wooden dowels string, wheels, etc. for making simple machines (inclined planes, scales, etc.) that can be used for understanding basic concepts of mechanics - how things work. Based upon the bestselling "The Way Things Work" by David Macaulay, the kit continues the theme of Wooly Mammoths as props and characters for use in these experiments.

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