Pope John Paul II

A Life With Karol,

Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz
Gian Franco Svidercoschi
Adrian J. Walker

Absolutely fascinating! A Life with Karol offers an intimate portrait of Pope John Paul II.

Written by his personal secretary of 40 years, Cardinal Dziwisz, we are privileged to partake of an up close and personal view of Pope John Paul II and we are not disappointed.

Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI

Book cover
Susan Provost Beller

There is a whole lot be liked in this book, beginning with the title! The author has researched numerous interesting anecdotes about the lives of these two holy men so dear in the heart of many Catholics and non-Catholics alike, and the result is a fresh, easy to read and captivating double-biography.

The Young Life of Pope John Paul II

Book cover: 'The Young Life of Pope John Paul II'
Claire Jordan Mohan

This short chapter book on the life of Pope John Paul II focuses on his childhood and upbringing in Poland. He had a difficult childhood, losing his mother when he was only a boy and his only brother and his father when he was only a young man. We see him draw closer to God during these troubles and eventually discover his vocation to the priesthood during the terrible days of World War II. The story also decribes some of the happier and even humorous moments of his childhood and children will see that in many ways he was an "ordinary" boy destined for unordinary things. Mrs.

Witness to Hope

Book cover: 'Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II'
George Weigel

In what is being widely hailed as the definitive biography of Pope John Paul II, faithful Roman Catholic theologian and journalist George Weigel presents a thorough look at Pope John Paul II from the inside. With a rich complement of Polish history and in-depth coverage of the Holy Father's cultural, philsophical and spiritual background, he portrays a vivid and accurate picture of who the Pope really is and what he's trying to accomplish (and has already accomplished) as the Vicar of Christ.

An Invitation to Joy

Book cover: 'An Invitation to Joy: Selections from the writings and speeches of His Holiness John Paul II'
Greg Burke
Pope John Paul II

This beautiful coffee-table book is filled with full-color photos of the Pope and quotes from his writings and talks organized into the following chapters: The Human Family: Youth, Family, Love, Women, Work and Rest; The People of God: Mary, Vocation, Saints, Prayer, Forgiveness, Death and Eternal Life, Other Christians Other Religions, Laypeople; The Dignity of the Human Person: For Life, Human Rights, Solidarity, Freedom, Peace and War, Suffering and Evil with a brief biographical portion entitled "A Lifetime of Devotion".

For the Children

Book cover: 'For the Children: Words of Love and Inspiration from His Holiness Pope John Paul II'
Pope John Paul II

This is a lovely book with color photos of the Holy Father with children and quotes from speeches and letters that the Holy Father has addressed to children throughout the world. I was so pleased to find such an appealing Catholic book with color pictures and solid text.

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