Saints of the Bible

Theresa Doyle-Nelson

There are so many wonderful saints book out there-- our homeschool shelves are filled with them, and we read and re-read them! This one will be an unique addition to our collection as the saints highlighted within all come from the pages of Holy Scripture!

A Pocket Guide to St. Paul

Scott Hahn

I really enjoyed this quick and easy-to-understand guide to St. Paul and his writings. Well, perhaps "easy-to-understand" isn't fair, because the topics covered here on the writings of St. Paul are not easy ones. Yet this is a reasonably accessible place to start and might even be usable, with some guidance, for a teen Bible study group.

I've always been a fan of good writing in small packages (in this case approx. 4 x 6 inches) because not only can I get to the heart of the matter fairly quickly, but also conveniently as the book can be stashed in my purse.

Faith Charts: The Bible at a Glance

Scott Hahn

When you study the Bible, do you find yourself confused by how what you're reading fits in with other parts of the Bible? Wouldn't it be nice to have an easy visual resource that helps you connect the pieces together and start to get a better sense of the whole?

This may be just what you're looking for. This colorful six-page laminated fold-out chart (written by Scott Hahn!) is a handy reference guide to have by your side when studying the Bible. It has brief, but helpful overviews on the following topics:

Catholic Cardlinks: Bible

Thomas Craughwell

Thomas Craughwell has a knack for informative yet captivating writing! This is a very nice first Bible for a beginning reader, and of course it could be read aloud as well.

Each page has an illustration and a Bible verse in bold, ranging from Genesis to Revelation. I wish the illustrations were a bit more professional, and that the text agreed with the way the "card" pages turn: it is a bit awkward to flip the clunky volume from front to verse on each page.

Catholic Bible Quiz: Elementary Level

Book cover: 'Catholic Bible Quiz: Elementary Level'

This book provides 200 questions and answers - forty each in five different categories - the Law, the Prophets, Wisdom, the Gospel and the Epistles. The book is designed to be used as a quiz game - keeping score (based on the difficulty of the questions - each question is awarded a particular point value) to determine the winner. It could just as easily be used as an informal reinforcement of Bible Study. It is very similar in format to the New Catholic Quiz listed above.

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