de-coding Da Vinci

Book cover: 'de-coding Da Vinci: The facts behind the fiction of The Da Vinci Code'
Amy Welborn

The 2003 release of the novel The Da Vinci Code created one of the largest literary crazes in recent history. With sales of almost 6 million in its first year, the novel gained a cult-like following. Author Dan Brown's ability to blend fact and fiction left many readers questioning what they really knew of the origins of Christianity. News is now out that we can expect to see the story in theaters in about a year. Certainly viewers will come away with many of the same questions readers had as to how much, if any, of the story line is factual, and how much is fiction.

Study Guide for Beginning Apologetics 1

Jim Burnham
Steve Wood

This is the Study Guide for Beginning Apologetics 1, reviewed above. It can be used in a discussion group setting or by families or individuals, and contains questions which can be answered by references to the Catechism or to Scripture (the specific passages are cited so students can research them).

Beginning Apologetics 1: How to Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith

Father Frank Chacon
Jim Burnham

When I first considered converting from a "mere Christianity" form of Protestantism to the Catholic faith, I had several issues to deal with. I believed that "Scripture alone" was the rule of faith. I thought that the Catholic Church had added several non-Biblical doctrines throughout the years -- for example, praying to Mary and the saints and the existence of Purgatory.


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