First Grade

American History for Young Catholics, Grade 1

Book cover: 'American History for Young Catholics, Grade 1'

American History for Young Catholics includes 18 short stories, offering a gentle introduction to American History. Not longer than two pages each, each interesting selection takes less than five minutes to read aloud. The stories include famous American heroes; such as George Washington and Daniel Boone; American Saints, such as Kateri Tekawitha and St. Frances Cabrini; and interesting facts about American history, such as famous inventions and the Panama Canal. The selections are short, but substantive.

CHC Lesson Plans: First Grade

Book cover: 'CHC Lesson Plans: First Grade'

The First Grade Lesson Plans are similar in format to the Kindergarten Lesson Plans except that they offer a lot more as your child becomes more immersed in school. Now there are four pages dedicated to each week of lessons. the first two pages provide a parent's preparation check list, weekly goals, overviews of week's assignments and much more. The layout is both beautiful and easy-to-use. The final two pages for the week are a planner-format lessons chart with ample room around the edges for notes, additions, changes, etc.

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