Motivational Reading

A Grace Given

Kent Gilges

On January 21, my children and I were visiting my mother for her birthday when a dreadful thing happened. Just as my eight-year-old daughter was leaning over to give her a kiss, Mom began to have a violent seizure. The staff of the rehabilitation center where she was already fighting back from a stroke ushered us out of the room, rushing her immediately to Good Samaritan Hospital.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Sean Covey

We sometimes think of teenagers as immature, selfish and lacking in objectivity. Sean Covey believes they can learn to be otherwise. Using humorous story lines and a heavy sprinkling of anecdotes Covey has set forth a series of steps leading teens toward a more mature and compassionate view of life. While this is a secular book, it is written from a Christian perspective and "the Golden Rule" underlies most of the content.

The Catholic Book of Character and Success

Book cover: 'The Catholic Book of Character and Success'
Edward Garesche, S.J.

(formerly titled How to Live Nobly and Well)

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