I could do that! Esther Morris gets Women the Vote

Linda Arms White
Nancy Carpenter

This is a very cute book telling the true story of Esther Morris and the advent of the woman vote. The language is fun and accessible but it doesn't sugarcoat events.

The eighth of eleven children and six foot tall, Esther had a interesting life and courage to spare. In this time of primaries, as we breathe politics in the air, this books brings a refreshing read!

Declaration Statesmanship

Book cover: 'Declaration Statesmanship: A Course in American Government'
Dr. Richard Ferrier
Dr. Andrew Seeley

Since the last review of this work, the name has changed, and it now comes with a teacher's manual and book of readings. It was formerly called America's Declaration Principles in Thought and Action. The main text has not changed, but is now printed in an attractive 8 X 11 comb-bound book.

Original Review:

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