Miscellaneous Catholic Readers

Grandpa Karm's First Catholic Australian Reader

Book cover: 'Grandpa Karm's First Catholic Australian Reader'
Karmenu Attard

"Grandpa Karm" has written a 20-page first level reader, illustrated with black and white clip art and holy card reproductions. The typeface is large and clear and easy for a new reader to follow. Self-published and bound with staples and binding tape, the book may not hold up well to repeated readings by boisterous young readers.

A Book of Sanctity

Book cover: 'A Book of Sanctity'

A Book of Sanctity is a newly printed collection of stories gathered from numerous out-of-print Catholic reading books. These 27 selections center around the theme of sanctity and include Bible stories, stories of the saints, and stories of families. Most pages include a simple black-and-white illustration that enhances the interest of the story without distracting a young reader's attention.

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