Truth and Life Dramatized Audio Bible - New Testament

This is a beautifully-performed, profesionally produced complete dramatization of the New Testament in the reknowned Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition (sometimes referred to as the Ignatius Bible).

The Winged Watchman (audio)

Hilda van Stockum

With a gripping story and a spellbinding narrator, The Winged Watchman audiobook is a winner. Set during the dark days of the Nazi occupation of Holland during WWII, Joris, 10-years-old, and his older brother Dirk Jan are the main characters in this story. From the opening chapter in the book, when Joris saves a young puppy from being beaten, they struggle--alone or together--to do what is right in a world that seems to be falling apart.

Madeleine Takes Command (audio)

Book cover: 'Madeleine Takes Command (audio)'
Ethel C. Brill

Madeleine Takes Command is a story of heroism. Based on a true account in the winter 1692-93 in the wilderness of French Canada, fourteen-year-old Madeleine, along with her brothers, twelve-year-old Louis and ten-year-old Alexandre, hold down the fort against a raiding Iroquois party.

Strengthened by God/The Great Deluge

Book cover: 'Strengthened by God/The Great Deluge'
Bruce Carroll
Kim Hohman

Strengthened by God is the story of David and Goliath and The Great Deluge is the story of Noah's Ark. Like the other RMP tapes, these are "audio dramas" - dramatic presentations of the stories with full casts, sound effects and music. They really make the Bible stories come alive. The Great Deluge is probably a bit too graphic for small children (the narrator makes mention of people seeing dead bodies in the rivers and the sound effects includes crying and wailing noises).

Power Glide Spanish

Book cover: 'Power Glide Spanish'
Dr. Robert Blair

This is an expensive, but in-depth conversational Spanish program that is very popular with homeschoolers. The text, test booklet and workbook come with nine audio tapes or CDs (depending on the option you choose when you purchase the program) and an optional CD ROM and audio CD set. These options should be looked at very carefully when ordering as the operators often don't know which set is which.


Book cover: 'Callirobics'
Liora Laufer

Callirobics will significantly and quickly improve your child's penmanship, even though he'll never form a single letter while using it. If your child has difficulty with consistency in formation, slant, and spacing, thinks he "just can't do it", has a bad attitude toward penmanship, or simply benefits from auditory and kinesthetic modes of learning, this may help.

The Story of Mozart (Music Masters Series)

This audio provides an indepth story of Mozart's life combined with tidbits of his most popular works followed by the complete Serenade Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, one of his most famous works and one that tends to be well-liked by children just being introduced to classical music. Overall, I think the content is quite suitable for children.

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