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Student Writing Intensive, Level B

Andrew Pudewa

Occasionally, friends or readers ask my opinion about various writing programs. I never feel qualified to answer, because I have rarely used writing programs in our homeschool. I’ve mainly taught my girls about writing as we write.

Initially, I taught them about things like rough drafts. I wanted them to know that they’re called “rough” for a reason, and that we should let our drafts be messy -- full of cross-outs, scribbles and insertions.

Signs and Mysteries

Mike Aquilina
Lea Marie Ravotti

Mike Aquilina's newest book, Signs and Mysteries: Revealing Ancient Christian Symbols is a great read and a great reference book in one.

It's also an exquisite piece of art, thanks to the illustrations by Lea Marie Ravotti. (Do yourself a favor and click through to her site. Her work is gorgeous.)

The Mystery of Harry Potter

Nancy Carpentier Brown

Nancy C. Brown's The Mystery of Harry Potter, a Catholic Family Guide is a book I've been waiting for. Weary of defending the fact that I've allowed Harry into our home, I longed for some good Catholic mom to write down all the reasons why Harry can be perfectly compatible with a faithful, orthodox Catholic family.

Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers

Book cover
Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

This little book is deceptively slim yet bursting with wisdom, original prayers, advice and the encouragement of one who knows.


by Maud Hart Lovelace

Upper Level Books Newly Reprinted!!!

I first read Betsy-Tacy to my eldest daughters when they were about five and eight years old. How I skipped over this charming book when I was a child I shall never know, but it was as new and delightful to me as it was to them.

As the book opens, Betsy Ray is almost five years old, and is longing for a friend.

“Well, for Pete’s sake!” said Betsy’s father. “Hill Street is so full of children now that Old Mag has to watch where she puts her feet down.”

Love in the Little Things

Mike Aquilina

This is a "little book." You know what I mean: you take a look, think you can knock this book off by lunch time, and that'll be that.

But, Love in the Little Things is bigger than that. Yes, the reading is quick and easy, but the ideas loom larger than their appearance. Hmmm ... kind of like Jesus of Nazareth ... growing up in a non-descript way, living a quiet family life, full of hidden things beyond this earthly realm, beyond our imagining.

Karen Edmisten

Karen Edmisten lives with her family in the Midwest and has been homeschooling for sixteen years. Karen and her husband, Tom, a high school English teacher, homeschooled two daughters through high school and are still homeschooling their youngest. The family delights in the homeschooling lifestyle and have enjoyed being able to pursue each child's interests through a flexible, relaxed approach to home education.

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