Onions in My Boots

Basic Gardening for Young Sprouts
Nancy Nicholson
Catholic Heritage Curricula
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94 pages
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I was very pleased to see Catholic Heritage Curricula offer a new gardening guide, Onions in my Boots by Nancy Nicholson. Onions in My Boots offers basic instructions for gardening at home. It is an easy read and is printed in child friendly font and format, making it well suited for children or their parents. It features sections on preparation and tools, flowers and houseplants, herbs and vegetables. Nicholson emphasizes adaptability, to both location and budget, and in this way makes gardening very accessible. The methods described are simple and practical. Children and novice gardeners are encouraged to think beyond terra cotta pots and approach container gardening with a sense of playfulness.

Nicholson provides instructions for growing many common flowers and vegetables. This is thoughtfully done, focusing on plants that will thrive in most climates and yield a respectable harvest while under the care of young hands. Early success in planting seeds and watching them transform into cool, crisp cucumbers can spark a lifelong love of gardening. While waiting for their first harvest, children will also be cultivating the virtues of patience and responsibility.

As an enthusiastic gardener myself, I am always looking for new ways to involve my children in this wholesome and rewarding activity. Gardening connects children to wonder of God’s creation in a very tactile and active manner. Onions in My Boots is unique in offering a Christ-centered gardening guide that is suited for the whole family.

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