The Catholic Book of Character and Success

Book cover: 'The Catholic Book of Character and Success'
Edward Garesche, S.J.
Sophia Institute Press
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160 pages
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(formerly titled How to Live Nobly and Well)
This reprint of an older Catholic book helps young people focus on those things which bring happiness in this life and in the next. Each chapter focuses on virtues and character traits which encourage harmonious living and union with God or act in opposition to the live of Christ. The reader is brought to an understanding of how to control their imagination and actions by focusing on a higher good. The book instructs them as to how and when to accept criticism and what constitutes prudent behavior. Further, the book focuses on developing self control and a love for God's Holy Will as well as recognizing true happiness as a opposed to the temporary pleasures of the world.

Written for an older audience than The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens (reviewed below) it covers many of the same ideas as that book but from a Catholic perspective. the Catholic Book of Character and Success has as its end the hope that the reader will develop a love for and conformity to God's Will. That same hope is not found in The 7 Habits. The tone of the Catholic Book of Character and Success is serious and best read by mature students in their late teens.

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